GO FAST or Go Home


Go Fast or Go Home is the story of an extraordinary life, and it serves as a powerful example of how successful one can be, given sufficient drive and desire.



Garth Hogan is a man who has lived life in the fast lane. His childhood years were full of motorsport, starting with Speedway and the days of the Grand Prix at Ardmore. As a teenager he had become addicted to speed and sought to satisfy that need through the world of hot rods which led to drag racing. In 1978 he became the first man in New Zealand to crack 200 mph when he set the NZ record at 203mph. Over the next 18 years he increased that yearly until retiring from drag racing in 1993, still holding the NZ record which by then stood at 263 mph.

But the attraction to speed didn’t stop there. He became involved in warbirds and progressively grew a business rebuilding WWII fighter aircraft, the first of which was for himself, and then went on to learn to fly it, subsequently display flying it at air shows throughout New Zealand. This ultimately led to his becoming Chairman of the Warbirds Over Wanaka Air Show… Next came trips to Bonneville with a 1934 Ford, which four times set records, the fastest run being 193 mph, in the vintage class it ran in.

While all this was going on he had started and grown an auto parts business into one of the largest specialist auto aftermarket companies in New Zealand and had spent five years as a New Zealand representative on the FIA, the world motorsport governing body.

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